Noelene Hammond – Fibre and Jewellery Artist

Pink Glass Beads Wire-Knitted Choker by Noelene Hammond
Noelene Hammond is a Fibre Artist and Jewellery Maker and we feel blessed to be one of the outlets stocking her amazing work.
Noelene’s experience in arts is her love of bold colours which she uses in her scarves, wraps, shawls, jackets, berets, jewellery, and heirloom Christmas hats.
Noelene loves knitting with wire and glass beads, making different styles, combinations and adornments. Each and every one of her designs in a one-off!
Ironically, she doesn’t knit her scarves – she sews them! That’s right. She combines wool with ribbon and strips of fabrics and sews them into a wonderfully unique scarf.
The featured video showcases a handful of Noelene’s jewellery – check back for a video focusing on her wonderful scarves.
You can check out a sample of Noelene’s work on our NEW website – we’re adding new products every day!

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